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We supply Professional Road Simulators from Heavy Vehicle to Motorbikes with dedicated training software.

As a pioneer in the simulation industry, ECA Group offers a wide range of first class road simulators for both military and civilian applications.

Military Vehicle Simulator
Military Vehicle Simulator

ECA Group’s Military Vehicle Simulator is a full scale replica of an armored vehicle, with fully integrated real...

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ECA Group’s considerable expertise in the field of training simulation associated with the use of cutting edge technology enables the provision of first class road simulators.

ECA Group put its scientific and technological skills into developing a range of road simulators dedicated for both initial and advanced driver training.

Designed for both individual and collective training these simulators allow the evaluation of driver responses to new Intelligent Traffic Systems or advanced proactive safety systems.

These include electronic vehicle controls, navigational aids, and warning devices.


The innovative learning concept developed by ECA Group, combines the assimilation of the vehicle and its environment with a method of teaching. This concept is also applicable on highly unstable vehicles such as motorbikes.

ECA Group's driving simulators enables drivers and students to train completely safely while learning how to anticipate and react correctly in critical situations.


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