Discover the ECA Group BH Viewer 3D, a system for TV inspection and 3D laser data measurement of mine and geological cavities.

ECA Group’s BH Viewer 3D provides a highly precise three-dimension modeling of mine and geotechnical cavities, up to 500 m depth, and requires only a 100mm inner diameter borehole.

The BH Viewer 3D is designed to be used in water boreholes, gas storages, underground cavities and sinkholes.

This modular system incorporates a 3D laser head and a pan & tilt colour TV head camera providing an infinite rotation in both CW and CCW directions,

Data are collected at punctual distances to get the  most accurate  representation of the cavity.

The video inspection, combined with laser scanning, provides a thorough and complete 3D dimensioning of the cavity. The report is eventually edited thanks to the dedicated data processing software, FORASOFT.

The video diagnosis determines the overall cavity shape, the shadow areas, top and bottom points. The horizontal cylindrical laser gradually scans the walls afterwards.

The tilt/rotate head scans the walls to identify possible confined areas. This process aims to determine the size and the orientation of the cavity.

Designed to be entirely portable and easy-to-use, the BH viewer 3D can also be incorporated inside a dedicated van arrangement.

Moreover, this system is fully compatible with the BH Viewer 500 system and with the Pipe Cruiser range (for inspection of pipes).


The BH Viewer 3D is designed to be used in :                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • water boreholes : survey the presence of cavities surrounding the casing                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • gas storages : evaluate the volume of cavities that could be used for underground storage ; control  of these storage capacities                                                             
  • underground cavities and sinkholes : 3D volume dimensioning prior to running a destructive drilling, or in case of  necessity to refilling the cavity prior to erecting a building above it.

 The BH Viewer 3D is operational inside cavities with depth up to 500m ; it only requires a 100 mm diameter borehole to reach the cavity.

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