The ECA Group's portable multi influence range system is a ranging solution to acquire and process acoustic and electromagnetic signatures of vessels in order to minimize their risks against underwater mines. The number of sensors is optimised to reduce the installation and recovery time. A radio link is used to transmit on shore or directly onboard the data to process the signatures of vessels under measurement.

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EURONAVAL 2018 | 25 October | ECA Group Conference: Multi-influence solutions... DEFENCE & SECURITY

Attend ECA Group Conference on October 25th  2018, from 2.00 to 2.20 p.m. to talk about ECA Group Conference:...

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L'Usine Nouvelle: interview Guenaël Guillerme, Manager Director of Eca... DEFENCE & SECURITY

For l'Usine Nouvelle, Guénaël Guillerme describe the ECA Group international business strategy and the...

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ECA Group - Sterna Aerial Portable Magnetic Range UAV IT180
Al Defaiya news: ECA Unveils Vessel Protection Magnetic Ranging System DEFENCE & SECURITY

The recent news “ECA Unveils Vessel Protection Magnetic Ranging System” has been published on Al...

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