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ECA Group to deliver a Pipe Cruiser sewer inspection system in Poland

Wednesday, May 22 2019
ECA Group has been awarded the delivery of a sewer inspection system to Poland

The contract is for the delivery to the Water Authority in Bochnia of an exhaustive Pipe Cruiser system that will permit the inspection of sewers pipes with internal diameter from 150mm to 1200mm.

Bochnia is a town in south of Poland, renown for its salt mines. The city's Water Authority was looking for a comprehesive system able to inspect the sewer lines to manage preventive actions and detect anomalies that could be caused by the nature of the grounds.

Proceeding inspections on a regular basis garantees a regular flow inside the sewer and avoids spillage into the environment.

The contract has been awarded, via  KREA Sp z.o.o. ECA Group's local agent based in Cracow.


About ECA Group's Pipe Cruiser

The Pipe Cruiser system developed by ECA Group is a modular robotic system dedicated to the inspection of pipes from 150 to 2000 mm. This system allows multiple configurations according to the diameter of the pipe to inspect. It can operate inside drinking sewer or waste water networks.

Pipe Cruiser allows to draw a precise diagnosis of internal conditions of the networks .

This solution is operable with a swivelling head TV camera equipped with zoom and mounted on a multidirectional trolley for an optimum capability of movement and viewing.

It is also able to supply pipe slope and deflection measurement in real time.


About the Bochnia Water Authority

The Bochnia Water Authority is the Municipal Water Supply and Sewage Company which provides water supply and sewage disposal services for over 35,000 inhabitants in the city of Bochnia in Poland. 

It also supplies water to the surrounding villages including Łapczyca, Gawłów, Ostrów Szlachecki, Słomka and Krzyżanowice.

The company operates a water supply network with a total length of over 122 km and a sanitary sewage system with a length of over 150 km.

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