ECA Group to launch its new generation AGV offer for Airspace industry 4.0

Tuesday, June 11 2019
ECA Group unveils its new AGV offer dedicated the Airspace industry 4.0 manufacturers and logistics professionals. Strong from its  skills polished trough innovative projects, ECA Group has developed autonomous ground logistic vehicles for industrial applications benefitting from latest developments in fields of decision-making autonomy, fleet management and hybridisation.

AGVs to answer the needs of the airspace industry: enhence safety, simplify logistics, optimise production, reduce costs...

Whereas the aerospace industry is transforming to keep up with the increasing production rate and intense competition, industries must adapt to the continuously changing environment, be more and more flexible and match the needs of tomorrow’s Industry 4.0. Therefore, in the aviation industry, many aspects of aircraft manufacturing will be highly automated, aiming at radically reducing production times and costs. Thus, ECA Group's AGV offer addresses the requirements of aircraft manufacturers and their supppliers of logistic equipment.

Logistics operations in production sites are also subject to these requirements. Designs for constantly innovative solutions will need to be developed to respond to these new challenges.

ECA Group has recently developed an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)robotic technology dedicated for airspace industry logistics applications in order to make these processes more cost efficient and safer.


AGV is Robust yet Green and Smart

ECA Group has already a renowned expertise in the field of navigation and automated vehicles operating autonomously in industrial and highly demanding environments such as smelters or nuclear plants... Sharing the same objectives, today's industry seek for new generation technologies able to increase the safety of industrial plants, optimize the productivity and reduce support costs as well as the footprint of the manufacturing process. To meet these requirements and bring a ECA Group  On the latter, ECA Group has been focusing its efforts to improve the hybridisation of its AGVs and offer greener, electricity powered vehicles in the near future.


ECA Group’s knowledge and experience of aircraft programs associated to reliable and innovative technological Automated Guided Vehicles solutions allow now aviation industrials to automate their logistics for complex operations inside or outside their premises.

Another innovation developed by ECA Group experts is the system approach for AGV technology: Thanks to a dedicated software, industrials will be able to easily manage a whole fleet of AGVs for simultaneous handling while each one of them autonomously fulfills his mission.




ECA Group - An AGV expertise proven through innovative industrial projects

Highly specialized in robotics, automated systems and industrial processes, ECA Group is actively involved in innovative industrial projects. Throughout several projects for major industry players, ECA Group has been designing and manufacturing complex Manually Guided Vehicles (MGV) and engineering Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), with its technological expertise in the field of navigation and self-guided vehicle Technology.

Among the projects integrating this technology ECA Group worked in partnership with ;

  • Rio Tinto to develop an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) technology dedicated for industry logistics applications for the autonomous management of the heavy loads in a smelter, including a fleet management system and Self Driving Vehicles of different types specifically adapted for anodes or metal crucibles transportation.
  • EDF to provide a High capacity lifting Lorry to be used in Nuclear Plants. Its main function is transporting the Multistud Tensioning Machine (MSTM / MSDG), with a 140T payload.


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