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Worldwide GSE Loan & Lease

ECA Group Aerospace division offers worldwide support to MROs and Airlines by storing and maintaining GSE in Europe, Asia and North America.

This ensures an optimized turnaround time, in particular in the event of an AOG (Aircraft On Ground). We offer great turnaround times (delivery of critical GSE tool within 48 hours in case of AOG) and have a hotline with a dedicated team available 7 days a week.


Strategic Inventory and Maintenance Centers Locations


In addition to its P&WC and AIRBUS GSE distribution activity ECA Group Aerospace division offers:

  • GSE loan for short term needs
  • Lease for long term needs on high value GSEs

This service reduces significantly cost associated with punctual GSE need: it is well tailored for situations like low frequency maintenance operation, small aircraft fleet, high value GSE.


ECA Group Aerospace Division Services

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Service Packages for ECA Group Aerospace products

      ECA Group Service Aerospace Division

ECA Group Aerospace division uses its T-CELL Technology to develop cutting-edge Electrical GSE. These T-CELLs are compact modules used to design multifunction tools able to test an equipment, an ATA system or the complete aircraft through its periodical check.

As complementary offer to our innovative E-GSEs, ECA Group Aerospace division has developed unique service packages that takes full advantage of the digital & connected capabilities of the T-CELL technology:


ECA Group Aerospace Services Packages

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GSE calibration & repair services

As a major electrical and mechanical GSE designer and manufacturer, ECA Group Aerospace division has a team of specialists dedicated to GSE calibration and repair.

Through its worldwide strategic maintenance centers, ECA Group Aerospace division can provide you repair and calibration services to ensure the best tooling availability.


Our capabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Electrical tooling calibration
  • Complex electrical and mechanical GSE repair
  • Mechanical adjustment and calibration,
  • Functional and geometrical control



ECA Group Aerospace Division Services


Our facilities are fully equipped with:

  • Electrical and mechanical repair shops,
  • Master and JIGS reference room,
  • FARO dimensional check arm,
  • Climatic test sets

ECA Group Aerospace Division Services


In order to insure you remain available for your customers, ECA Group Aerospace division can offer you tooling loan while your tools are being maintained by our engineers.

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Laser tracker metrology services

In the aerospace industry laser trackers are extremely appealing metrology instruments for numerous reasons including size, portability, repeatability and accuracy.

For more than 5 years, ECA Group Aerospace division has developed a strong experience in aerospace parts geometric measurement and precise aircraft sections positioning.

Our Laser metrology specialists can deploy worldwide on your site to provide you laser tracker measurement or positioning capabilities. Our dedicated team is equipped with all the necessary laser tracker tools and accessories needed to provide you these on site services.

In addition to its laser tracking capabilities, ECA Group Aerospace division has implemented 3D Printing technologies in order to implement laser geometry measurement on large and complex aircraft parts by installing target sight customized to your application.

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