For sewerage networks, ECA Group offers a wide range of motorized tractors, equipped with sophisticated video systems, which are introduced via manholes and thereafter progress inside pipes from 100 to 1500mm diameter and over distances of several hundred of meters; Periodically, or in emergency cases, these systems carry out detailed TV inspections, in order to detect and position anomalies such as crack/break, deterioration of joints, collapse of roofs, penetrating branching… These robots also embark sensors to do measurements (pipe slope, pipe deflection, size of cracks or flaws).

Sewerage Pipes Measurement and Controls
Sewerage Pipes Measurement and Controls

Discover the ECA Group Hytec™, range of solutions for the measurement and control of sewerage pipes ; range...

Software for Edition of Main Lines Inspection Report
Software for Edition of Main Lines Inspection Report

Discover the ECA Group Hytec™ solution for the reporting of TV inspection and measurement/control of sewerage pipe...

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Main applications relate to sewerage networks, since, all around the world, whatever their age and the piping material used (mainly asbestos cement, sandstone and ductile iron in the past centuries, PVC, PEHD and GRP nowadays), these pipes deteriorate due to aggressions from inside and from outside.

If these inspections and measurements are mostly required for used/old networks, they are also needed to validate the layout and installation work done by the contractor, in case of a new network.

ECA Group is also present in the activity of pipe repair and rehabilitation, performed by dedicated robots that operate from the inside of the pipe (trenchless works).

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