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Ship Equipment & Protection Solutions

Platform management, Command & Control systems, Propulsion, Energy systems and Signature Management for Ships & submarines

ECA Group is engaged in the designs of systems and equipment dedicated to Submarines and Surface Ships. In addition, ECA Group offers protection systems to reduce vessels' acoutic and magnetic footprints.

Static Converter 20KVA-400 HZ and 60HZ
Static Converter 20KVA-400 HZ and 60HZ

The static converter 20kVA 400HZ and 60 HZ designed by ECA Group for submarines, is an advanced technological...

Steering Console
Steering Console

The steering console (SC) is a generic sea proven product that manages the 3D motion of submarines, by controlling...

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ECA Group designs and supplies Systems & Equipment for Submarines and Surface Ships.

These range from platform management, to command & control systems as well as propulsion & energy systems.

With the new multifaceted threats in the underwater mine warfare activities, magnetic and acoustic signatures expose naval forces to risks of being localized and classified. Managing its signature has become a major stake for Naval Forces.


ECA Group have thus developed systems dedicated to reduce these signatures by offering modular ranging systems, from magnetic signature reduction systems to multi-influence ranges solutions.

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