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ECA GROUP performs maintenance works... DEFENCE & SECURITY

ECA Group provides support for French Navy's underwater measurement polygon, designed to...

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ECA Group supports French Fire &... TRAINING SIMULATION

ECA Group will equip the SDIS 22, a French Departmental Fire & Rescue Service with its...

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ECA Group - Pipe Cruiser
ECA Group delivers Pipe Cruiser... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group delivers a Pipe Cruiper modular robotic system in Chile dedicated to the inspection of...

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ECA Group unveils a new In-Flight... AEROSPACE

ECA Group announces today at APEX EXPO 2019 the release of its new onboard connectivity turnkey...

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Sea Trials. It has a funny face. MARITIME

It sounds as if it comes straight from a James Bond movie. The catamaran of the Directorate...

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Availability of the 2010 annual report ECA GROUP

Availability of the 2010 annual report Filed with the AMF on 28 April 2011

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2010 Annual Results ECA GROUP

Revenue up 22% - Current operating margin: 10.1%

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New underwater robotics contract with the Direction Générale de l'Armament ECA GROUP

The ECA Group announced the signing of a new contract with the Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) for the development and provision of an ROV 2000 (Remote Operated Vehicle). This...

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2010 revenue exceeded objectives ECA GROUP

€116.7 million, an increase of +22% 2010: 6th year of consecutive annual growth In the 4th...

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New contract with the DGA in the... ECA GROUP

ECA SA announced today the signing of a contract with the Direction Générale de...

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