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ECA Group - Nuclear Camera FR80 - Traversée Cloison
ECA Group delivers high radiation... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group provides 3 high radiation tolerant inspection TV camera systems to Axians for...

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ECA Group - BH Viewer 200
ECA Group supplies a BH VIEWER 200... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group has been awarded a contract for a BH VIEWER 200 system to inspect boreholes up to 200m...

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ECA Group to supply a BH Viewer 500 for TV inspection of mine wells in Poland ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group will supply to KWB coal mine company in Belchatow (Poland) a BH Viewer 500 TV inspection system to operate inside mine wells with depth up to 500m.

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ECA Group - VSLT 346 NITM
ECA Group to deliver a Nuclear TV... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group has entered an order for a large number of TV inspection Pan & Tilt units to be...

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IFAT 2018 | 14 - 18 May | ECA Group... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group will be participating at IFAT 2018 held at Messe Muenchen in Munich from 14 –...

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INTERMAT 2018 | 23 - 28 April | ECA... ENERGY INDUSTRY

Meet ECA Group on its booth 6 K 036, from 23 – 28th April 2018, at INTERMAT held at Parc...

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ECA Group supplies nuclear filter... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group successfully completed the Site Acceptance Tests and installation of a remotely...

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ECA Group delivers a Z Pipe Viewer system for swift inspection of waste water networks in Italy ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group delivered a Z Pipe Viewer system to an Italian local private operating company to conduct swift inspection of waste water networks.

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ECA Group - BH Viewer 500
ECA Group to supply BH Viewer 500... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group has been awarded a contract for a BH Viewer 500 system for the inspection of boreholes...

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