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Journée Sciences Navales | 02... DEFENCE & SECURITY

ECA Group will be pleased to welcome you during the Journée Sciences Navales, on February...

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Into the Mainstream DEFENCE & SECURITY

In the Magazine Shepard Unmanned Vehicles: USVs are starting to get noticed by civil and military...

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ECA Group attends the Experimental Technical Table on MUAS - Maritime Unmanned Autonomous Systems DEFENCE & SECURITY

On the 16th of June the Italian Navy Naval Support and Experimentation Centre (CSSN ) has organized a seminar named “Experimental Technical Table on MUAS - Maritime Unmanned Autonomous...

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ECA GROUP -  Usv Inspector - 90
ECA Group confirms its role as a... DEFENCE & SECURITY

The Group announced that it recently won two export contracts valued at more than €10...

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