Developed by ECA Group in order to be fitted on lightweight ROVs, the arm 5E micro is entirely electrical which makes it a key element for tricky tasks requiring high accuracy without jolt. It is also one of the lightest 5-function electrical manipulator arm available on the market.

This arm incorporates brushless motors, which leads to an appreciable ease of maintenance. It can conduct a large range of operations, thanks to the continuous rotation of the jaws.  The 300m version is eco-friendly as its no-oil system avoids any risk of pollution spillage; the 6000m alternative is oil filled.

It can be fitted on any inspection-class ROV available on the market and can be fitted with a micro grabber.

Two arms can be installed on a single skid and can run diverse operations in complete autonomy from one another. This configuration is highly profitable for ROVs owners who desire to achieve complex underwater operations.

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Examples of solutions brought by  this manipulator arm for subsea applications :

  • Recovery of objects laying on sea bottom 
  • Action on activators on well heads
  • Carrying a sensor (e.g. CP probe or NDT) or a light tool  to complete the ROV inspection task
  • Assistance to divers (e.g. carry a rack of tools or bring back to the surface an object found by the diver)
  • Soft rope cutting
  • Sample recovery

Examples of solutions brought by  this manipulator arm for nuclear applications :

  • Extraction of foreign objects inside spent fuel assembly within the BK pool ; this requires a specific grabber to be mounted on the arm
  •  Mounted on a special skid attached under lightweight ROV’s like ECA Group’s H300 Mk2, it performs foreign object recovery inside nuclear pools and decommissioning operations

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