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BH Viewer 2000 is the top of the range system: it was designed to conduct precise TV inspection and measurements inside water boreholes with depth up to 2 000m. To permit transmission of images from that depth, BH Viewer 2000 uses the innovative solution based on a mono coaxial umbilical cable and the multiplexing technique.

This system is particularly efficient for inspections of wells from 2" and up to 40" diameter; additional external lighting is provided for the large diameters.
The colour TV Camera is embedded with lights and lasers, and incorporates an innovative swiveling viewing head system offering a large view of the well inside walls. This permits to conduct a thorough inspection and proceed to very accurate measurements of any deterioration in the tubing.
As alternatives, axial viewing monochrome or colour TV cameras, as well as a monochrome axial and radial/rotary camera are proposed for the wells with low diameters.
The system can incorporate an orientation and inclination module, thus enabling to measure and estimate the inclination and trajectory of the well. It is also compatible with logging probes from the main international manufacturers, and which will be installed as a substitute to the camera.

The BH Viewer 2000 system is usually installed inside a dedicated van, incorporating the control room in its middle part, and the whole equipment, including the winch, in its rear part.
Combined with FORASOFT software for report edition, BH Viewer 2000 offers a complete solution to inspect as well as gather and analyze data about the state of very deep wells.
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The ECA Group’s Borehole Viewer range brings specific solutions to the problem of maintenance of very deep boreholes or water wells in terms of safety and reliability, by offering dedicated video inspection and measurement, in order to detect dysfunctions such as : 

  • Cracks on walls, measured directly from the video
  • Tubing deformation and metal tears
  • Screen clogging, at borehole foot
  • Results of chemical pollution.
  • Borehole deviation/ orientation

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