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ECA Group supplies Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solutions for geophysics applications. Thanks to the versatile payload platform of the UAV IT180, the Airborne Drone can be associated with specific sensors and perform high precision survey.

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ECA Group - UAV / Airborne Drone Services

Full Support and Services related to UAVs IT180 with ECA Group Experts


ECA Group provides full support and complete UAV services and takes charge of all your needs: from operator services provision to post-process all around the world. ECA Group offers a variety of services: Training Drone Use and Maintenance, Drone Maintenance, Drone Rental Services, Drone Operation, Development for customers or needs.




Applications for Energy & Industry Sector

  • Mining and Mineral Exploration: Geophysics and Survey

Applications for Aerospace Sector

  • Civil - Airborne monitoring & Survey: Mineral Exploration & Mining

News & Events

Shield Africa 2017 |24 - 26 January| ECA Group Unmanned robotic systems DEFENCE & SECURITY

ECA Group's unmanned vehicles solutions for Land, Air and Sea on Shield Africa, 24 - 26 January 2017, in Abidjan...

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ECA GROUP - UAV - IT180 - 160 - POLAR
Shephard Media: ECA Group IT180 UAV adapted for polar region ENERGY INDUSTRY

Shephard Media about ECA Group's IT180 UAV for operations in polar regions based on the requirements of France's...

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ECA GROUP - UAV - IT180 - 160 - POLAR
ECA Group extends its UAV IT180 range with a solution for polar exploration ENERGY INDUSTRY

Among its ambitious Research and Development program, ECA Group develops technological solutions and helps in fight...

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