Traditional way of running an overall inspection of a waste water pipe is to introduce inside the pipe, from a manhole, an electric trolley carrying the TV camera. However this method requires a preliminary hydro-cleaning operation on the pipe since the progression of the trolley over long distances implies that the pipe is absolutely clean.

 In case the aim of the inspection is the search for a network major dysfunction (such as big deposit, roots intrusion, collapse, penetrating lateral pipe…), an attractive alternative solution is proposed by the ECA group Z-Pipe Viewer system:  it’s a portable system permitting a swift inspection of pipes with Ø from 100 to 800 mm, directly from the manhole; the operator introduces into it a pole equipped with a powerful zoom colour TV camera and associated strong lights, permitting to view the pipe over a distance up to 30 m, in both directions. This operation is achieved extremely rapidly by a single operator.
The system is operational for pipes with internal diameter from 100 to 800 mm.

Fully autonomous and easy to use, Z Pipe Viewer MK2 system is equipped with the latest technologies (carbon telescopic pole, high resolution 26x optical zoom color camera, high luminosity white LED's, digital recorder, distance evaluation software…) thus allowing a single operator to carry out a high quality inspection in total safety.

The Z Pipe Viewer MK2 system is delivered in a transport case.

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Main applications of the Z-Pipe Viewer MK2 system :

  • swift inspection of waste water networks in case of search for major dysfunctions (such as big deposit, roots intrusion, wall collapse, penetrating lateral pipe…),
  • Rapid check of sewer lines hydro-cleaning quality
  • Tank inspection  

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