EUROSATORY 2018 | ECA Group integrates Heavy Logistic Vehicle Simulator to a collective simulation

Wednesday, May 30 2018
Discover in avant-premiere the new ECA contribution to the French Army's Vulcain simulation platform to be presented in Eurosatory 2018. 

French Army’ Scorpion modernization program will be at the heart of the Training and Simulation Cluster during the 2018 edition of Eurosatory. In this context, ECA Group will showcase on its booth its Army Logistics Heavy Vehicle simulator as part of the latest additon to the Vulcain simulation platform.

ECA contributes to the French Army's Vulcain Platform, by implementing an Army Logistics Heavy Vehicle simulator, EF-Truck NG, to fit into a virtual convoy driven by an Army logistics soldier, led in a collaborative simulation (15 simulations means in network).

As an expert in driving simulators, ECA Group takes in consideration all the required parameters (detailed graphism, accurate physical model, vehicle dynamics, etc.) to ensure an efficient training in the French Army provided virtual environment.

The expertise brought by ECA Group's know-how in driving simulation permits to recreate very realistically the reponse of an Logistic Vehicle, and especially when driven in harsh environments (unpaved roads with deep sand, mud, ditches etc.)

This platform named "Vulcain", thanks to the High Level Architecture (HLA) technology, makes it possible to operate distributed simulation on land missions, that is to say to be able to connect several simulators of different natures simultaneously. ECA Group's software’s engineers use this HLA technology to interconnect ECA Group' simulators to the French Army virtual theatre of operations

ECA Group presents its latest Land forces Logistics Heavy Vehicle simulator for convoy missions at SIMOPS 2018

The collective simulation was successfully carried out to test this platform, which will be presented to Eurosatory 2018

The missions simulated by the Army will be presented and to which the ECA Group simulator trains for are:

  • Route reconnaissance
  • Convoy movement

Such a tool is expected to be used by soldiers of Scorpion brigades in the Sahelo-Saharan band.

ECA Group presents its latest Land forces Logistics Heavy Vehicle simulator for convoy missions at SIMOPS 2018

Test ECA Group' simulators at EUROSATORY 2018,

Booth B248 - Hall 5A

Discover ECA Group solutions presented at Eurosatory 2018

ECA Group at EUROSATORY 2018

Come and Meet ECA Group Booth 248 Hall 5A to test EF-Truck NG, its Army's Logisitic vehicle simulator !
This simulator is of the latest flagship innovations, and was designed to meet the training needs of trucking fleets. It uses a high fidelity motion system, and actual truck cab assemblies and components with robust steel construction built to last.

Vulcain platform: A virtual theatre of operation

Coming soon, with the arrival of the Scorpion program and the preparation for operation, a new step will be taken in the development of simulation through the interconnection of means. 

As part of this programme aiming to increase the simulation training capabilities of the French Armed Forces, the challenge was to interconnect several simulators from different companies and of different types (helicopter / vehicles ...) to share the same virtual environment in real-time.

The goal of developping such a simulation platform is to enable physically distant corps of Armies to work together on joint-army scenarii to increase their efficiency during on-field exercices.

About High level Architecture

The high-level architecture (HLA) is a general purpose architecture for distributed computer simulation systems. Thanks to this technology different computer simulations can interact in real-time, communicate data and synchronize actions with other computer simulations regardless of the computing platforms. HLA is an interoperability standard for distributed simulation, and is used to support analysis, engineering and training in a number of different domains in both military and civilian applications.

About Scorpion programme

SCORPION programme was launched by The French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) and aims to modernize the contact forces of the army. 


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