ECA Group has designed the DTR120 ZTC as a through-wall panoramic TV camera for specific nuclear applications.

It features:

  • a Dome-Tilt-Rotate swivelling viewing head
  • a 18x optical zoom
  • a non-browning dome porthole
  • 64 preset positions
  • a built-in shield plug
  • tightness to vacuum
  • a stainless steel housing which makes it easy to decontaminate
  • a day / night function

It can be used through vertical or horizontal walls; the camera is placed on a tractor which can be retracted within the main housing, permitting the camera not to be exposed to radiation when it is on stand-by mode. The built-in lead plug secures the continuity of the cell biological protection.                                           


Example of solutions brought by the DTR120 ZTC TV camera :

  • assistance to  remote handling operation within research center hot cells
  • assistance to nuclear decontamination operations / decommissioning          

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