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Discover the ECA Group Hytec™, range of solutions for the TV inspection of nuclear fuel storage pools and reactor pools ; range includes four monochrome TV cameras equipped with radiation tolerant tube sensor, with or without zoom, with frontal or radial/ rotative or hemispherical viewing, as well as a colour decoding system for monochrome tube camera, two strong lights for pools lighting, and a modular crawler.

Applications for Energy & Industry sector

  • Tv inspection for Nuclear industry


  • Large range of high radiation  tolerant tv cameras
  • Real time digital colour generation
  • Powerful lighting

Fuel storage and Reactor Pools

ECA GROUP offers a large range of high radiation TV cameras for the intervention inside fuel storage and reactor pools regardless the space and/or radiation level constraints.

Range of solutions

Structural integrity control

Among others applications, the  cameras are operated inside the fuel storage and reactor pool to the detection of structural defaults and the presence of foreign objects, especially for the lower plate of the reactor core. Also, combined with the CDS40, it is now possible to generate colour video from the tube technology TV cameras which is very helpful for the control of welds or corrosion presence.

Survey of fuel Rods alignment and mapping

The VS340N TV camera can be equipped with a radial head in only 40 mm diameter housing. This assets make it the perfect TV camera for the survey of fuel rods alignment into pool. During this survey, The VS340N TV camera is also able to read the P/N of the rods for mapping purposes.

Assistance to operators

These high radiation tolerant TV cameras also offer an effective assistance during the loading/unloading operations of nuclear fuels into the pool.


The HYTECTM lightings are 30 m watertight and can be equipped with protective glass in quartz material for the protection against thermal shocks. They supply a powerful lighting in air or in water for improving the video quality of inspections.



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