Discover the ECA Group Hytec™ VS340N, a monochrome bi-unit TV camera with hard radiation tolerant tube sensor and interchangeable heads (frontal, radial/rotative, zoom, builtin lights) for exhaustive inspection of nuclear plant reactor.

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FRATOMEO 2019 | 15 - 16 May | ECA Group solutions for Nuclear ENERGY INDUSTRY

Meet ECA Group from May 15th - 16th 2019 at the occasion of the Fratomeo event in Cherbourg-en-cotentin (France) held...

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ECA Group - VSLT 346 NITM
ECA Group to provide robotic TV inspection systems for AREVA nuclear plant ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group has been awarded a contract for the delivery of two remotely handled Pan and Tilt units, VSLT346NITM , to...

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ECA-Group - VS 340 N - Inspection Camera
Contract for the ECA Group's supply of various video systems for nuclear... ENERGY INDUSTRY

ECA Group has been awarded, by COFELY ENDEL, one of the leaders in France for the industrial maintenance, a contract...

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