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Most Ex hazardous sites require an overall visual survey of their operational area. This requires a panoramic viewing TV system which has to be fully Explosion proof certified.
For a long time, this could only be achieved by the use of zoom TV camera installed on an external pan & tilt unit, the whole being explosion proof, hence a very heavy and cumbersome equipment.
ECA Group solution for large area survey is to offer an explosion proof dome TV camera with swiveling head hemispherical viewing, considerably lighter and more compact.  The camera is classified under ATEX & IECEX standards either Ex d IIC T5 Gb or Ex d IIC T6 Gb, according to version (cable gland or connector, temperature range); besides it is waterproof IP68.                                                                                        
This very compact volume camera is an upgrade of the DTR 120 EX explosion proof camera system in terms of quality of vision; thanks to its genuine full HD 1080p viewing head, its 30x zoom and its embedded IP server, it permits, in a network configuration, the surveillance or survey of large hazardous industrial zones, on a night and day operation basis.

ECA Group’s latest development on this camera includes:
• A built-in IP server / Power Over Ethernet / Onvif S
• A dome/tilt/rotate hemispherical viewing
• A 30x optical zoom (focal lens 4.3 to 129 mm)
• A night and day function.


DTR 120 Z Ex HD is dedicated to the surveillance of industrial sites, especially in environments presenting an explosive risk; it performs high definition TV Surveillance or Areas Survey missions. Such a system will serve in many different industrial facilities such as:
- petrochemical plants,
- gas storage areas,
- transportation units,
- offshore platforms,
- drilling rigs or drill ships,
- silos…

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