NAVAL SYSTEMS SEMINAR 2017 | 16 - 17 October | ECA Group Naval Robotic Solutions

Tuesday, October 10 2017
Meet ECA Group at Naval Systems Seminar (NSS) exhibition, in Ankara on October 16th and 17th, to learn more about its latest innovative robotic solutions for Naval Forces.

Join ECA Group experts at NSS 2017

At the occasion of Naval Systems Seminar (NSS) 2017 exhibition, held in Ankara at Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (METU) Cultural and Convention Center from October 16th to 17th, ECA Group is pleased to invite you on its booth to present you its innovative solutions in the fields of Robotics & Integrated Systems for Naval Forces

ECA Group at NSS 2017

ECA Group solutions to be presented at NSS 2017

During you visit, ECA Group teams will introduce you to its wide offer of solutions for naval unmanned robotic systems

ECA Group is deeply invested in R&D in order to develop innovative systems of drones. Its unmanned solutions are optimized to successfully perform any underwater missions, whether for military of civilian applications, in various domains such as Oceanography, Hydrography and Underwater Mine Counter Measures 

ECA Group will be showcasing its range of Unmanned and remotely operated vehicles robotic solutions. 

In 2017, ECA Group developped a fully integrated system for Mine Warfare named Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Integrated System "UMIS" suite. This systems combines diffrent types of drones developed by ECA Group to make them collaborate between each other to order to clear any mission in the faster and in the safest way possible for crews, who remains in a stand-off distance from the minefield. It includes ECA Group Range of naval robots: 

UMIS is also able to deploye automatically AUVs and ROVs from an autonomous surface vehicle or from a mothership by a LARS (Launch & Recovery system). For underwater mine warfare, The systems uses: 

  • The SEASCAN MK2 ROV for Mine identification
  • The K-STER C mine disposal system  (EMDS) for mine neutralization.
  • The system can also be combined with the embedded Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) of other ECA Group's AUV such as the  A9-M  or the A18-M AUV, gather additional datas to complete the mission faster.

Discover ECA Group solutions for Underwater Mine Warfare

Attend ECA Group Conference at NSS 2017

ECA Group is pleased to invite you at its conference about Multi-Simultaneous robot operations on Monday, October the 16th, held in Hall A during NSS, 4.30 PM.


4.30 PM


Multi-simultaneous MCM drone operation – operational experience with the Belgian Navy

ECA Group, in the framework of the Belgian Navy evaluation of Unmmaned Maritime Systems 2017, tested on the North Sea conditions, the capability to deploy simultaneously its AUVs, USV and ROVs to perform parallel and collaborative Detection to Identification MCM operation.


By Dominique MALLET – ECA Group Minewarfare Business Manager

The Belgian Navy is in the process of replacing their legacy minehunters with modern platforms hosting unmanned systems to perform remote MCM. To define such new vessel concept, the Belgian Navy has organized in 2016 and 2017 two tests sessions, where the industry was invited to test and demonstrate the capability of their latest MCM systems, in order for the Belgian Navy to better define the type and number of equipment required to perform MCM in the most efficient way, with the latest technology.

ECA Group presentation for this seminar is to resume the actual operation that was carried out in june 2017 with the Belgian Navy, with its AUVs, ROVs and USV which were operated simultaneously and collaboratively from a single Belgian Navy CPV which stayed out of the defined minefield. The tests included A9-M Small AUV for Detection and Classification mission, INSPECTOR USV itself remotely deploying two Seascan ROVs for identification missions on the contacts previously shortlisted and communicated by the AUVs embedded Automatic Detection system. In addition to the ECA above list of drones operated from the CPV, was deployed in parallel from the same vessel, another ECA built AUV plateform, A27-M long range AUV equipped with SAS sonar technology, showing the capability to operate multiple AUVs in parallel, in order to prove possibility to increase coverage rate compared to legacy hull mounted sonar technology.

With two types of AUVs operating at the same time, an USV deploying two ROVs and real time control and processing of sonar data at kilometers away of the operation from a ship mobilized in a couple of hours. This operation has been a world’s first in terms of multi drone simultaneous operation, with more than 10 square kilometers of seabed mapped with less than 5cm resolution, which enabled more than 1600 MILECs detections, 4 contacts classified as MILCOs out of the 5 exercise mines placed by the Belgian Navy in the area. 



Meet ECA Group team at NSS 2017

Visit ECA Group, have a talk with its experts. ECA Group teams are looking forward to meeting you !


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Visit Event Official web site : NSS

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