ECA Group's H800 is an Observation and light duty Work Class ROV specifically designed for subsea observation, inspection and surveillance in strong currents conditions  up to 1000m depth. Man portable, it is the most powerful ROV of its class.

This H800 is equipped with 6 dc thrusters (4x horizontal, vectored and 2x vertical) securing velocity performance, reliability and very low need for maintenance, while offering high maneuvering capabilities.

The H800 is equipped with a high performance viewing system thanks to a HD colour zoom camera combined with strong LED lights and mounted on a full Pan/Tilt unit, providing high resolution imagery. 

Thanks to its open frame design, H800 is modular and can easily be equipped with a wide range of sonars, manipulator arms, tools and different types of sensors. It can provide additional 3D data for mapping or measurements purposes.

H800 ROV can be customized according to your needs with a large range of optional payload and configurations. It has a lifting capacity of 25 kg when equipped with one of ECA Group’s 5 functions electric manipulator arm.

Its compact size and reasonable weight makes it easy to handle and to install on-board ships, enabling you to deploy it rapidly.

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H800 is a 1000m depth rated multipurpose ROV enabling to carry out a lot of different missions in various fields, especially in circumstances where velocity of the ROV is required:

Applications for the Maritime and for the Defense & Security sectors:

  • Subsea observation, inspection and surveillance.
  • Pipe and cable survey.
  • Object recovery.
  • Wreck inspection. 
  • Seabed survey. 
  • Cable and pipe tracking.
  • Search and Rescue 

 Applications for Energy & Industry sector:

  • TV inspection of water inlet & outlet for industrial networks
  • Dam control & inspection
  • Offshore windfarm inspection and monitoring 
  • Fish farms inspection and monitoring
  • Inspection of nuclear  fuel storage and reactor pools
  • Inspection for assistance to decontamination / decommissioning operations
  • CBRN measurement (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear)

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