ECA Group's H300 MK2 is a man portable and compact size remotely controlled vehicle (ROV) for subsea operations up to 300m depth.
In its basic version, it is already equipped with a high performance viewing system; furthermore, its modular design permits the easy incorporation of options such as  a wide range of sonar, manipulator arms,  tools and any type of sensors. 
Standard viewing system includes a 10x  zoom color TV camera  which is  mounted on a full pan/tilt unit providing a panoramic viewing of the environment without having to turn the ROV around ; and since strong LED lights are also mounted on the P/T, they follow the movements of the camera, securing optimum lighting. A full HD camera version is available as option.
A 5-function electric manipulator arm can be installed on a skid underneath the ROV.

H300-MK2's lightweight makes it easy to handle and launch.

Designed to be flexible to fit any customer requirements, H300-MK2's unique architecture benefits from easy access to all sub-systems, making it easy of maintenance.

A single and ergonomic control unit allows the control of both ROV and additional equipment. The umbilical cable is housed on a manual winch, easy to transport, and equipped with a slip ring assembly.
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H300 MK2 is a 300m depth rated multipurpose ROV enabling to carry out a lot of different missions in various fields: 

 Applications for Defence & Security sectors

  • Subsea observation, inspection and surveillance.
  • Object recovery
  • Wreck inspection
  • Seabed survey
  • Search and rescue
  • Harbour surveillance: Seabed survey
  • Coastal Seabed survey
  • Offshore protection: Shallow water Survey for Platform protection
  • Harbour protection
  • Coastal protection
  • Black box recovery

Applications for Maritime Sector

  • Underwater inspections & Surveys: Seabed survey
  • Immerged Structures (Hydrolic dams, Wind farms, Fish farms, turbines) cleaning: Survey during screen cleaning or dredging operations
  • Energy & Telecommunications cables: Cable inspection and monitoring
  • Energy & Telecommunications cables: Cable tracking and buried cables tracking
  • Cable and pipe tracking
  • Pipe and cable survey
  • Pipeline survey for field development
  • Pipe inspection for Asset Integrity Management
  • CBRN detection for coastal surveillance
  • CBRN detection for CBRN area

Applications for Energy & Industry sector:

  • TV inspection of water inlet & outlet for industrial networks
  • Dam control & inspection
  • Offshore windfarm inspection and monitoring
  • Fish farms inspection and monitoring
  • Inspection of nuclear  fuel storage and reactor pools
  • Inspection for assistance to decontamination / decommissioning operations 
  • CBRN measurement (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear)

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