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Discover the ECA Group Hytec™, range of solutions for the inspection and the control of hydraulic dams. Two observation class ROVs, operational respectively to 300 and 1000m depth; and a hybrid ROV + crawler vehicle, able to operate alongside vertical surfaces.

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ECA GROUP ROV H300-V BV5000 configuration
ECA Group to deliver a H300V ROV system for dam inspection in Eastern Europe MARITIME

ECA Group has entered an order for a H300V ROV system to be delivered for hydraulic dams inspection in Eastern Europe.

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ECA Group to deliver a H300 ROV for hydro-electric dams inspection in China MARITIME

ECA Group will provide a H300 ROV system to the Guangdong Research Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower, in...

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ECA Group delivers to SATIF SA a top-of-the-art H300 ROV for inspection of... MARITIME

ECA Group has delivered to SATIF Ouvrages d’Art a special Remotely Operated Vehicle ROV H300.SATIF is a French...

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