Discover ECA Group  range of solutions for inspection and monitoring of windfarms. Two observation class ROVs, H300 MK2 and H800, operational respectively at 300 and 1000 m depth; for video inspection and control of windfarm underwater structures and connection cables. Modular and easily configured, they can be equipped with manipulator arms and tools, a wide range of sonars and any type of sensors.

So far the offshore windfarms are settled within shallow water and at a short distance from main land. In many cases, the visibility is poor. For the inspection of the underwater part of windfarms, H300-INS will be generally adequate. H800-INS will be preferred if additional power is required in case of strong current. H300-INS and H800-INS, are compact, lightweight and handy; hence, they are a perfect solution for proceeding into windfarm zones with small service boats.


The offshore wind turbines are of two categories:

  • Either they are equipped with foundations that are anchored onto the sea bottom (usually monopole type for depth up to 30 m and multi piles up to 60 m ; these foundations have been designed to withstand the harsh environment of the ocean, including storm waves, hurricane force winds, and even ice flows.
  • Or they are floating, with usually three floaters immerged under the sea level. This technology will permit to cope with higher water depths. In both cases these underwater structures require regular inspection in order to check their conditions. For such operation the ROV will be equipped with ultra-sensitive low light B/W camera or even with an imaging sonar if the turbidity of the waters does not permit the use of traditional TV cameras.


The ROV will be equipped as above, with eventual addition of a metal detector installed on a skid underneath. These power cables are typically buried beneath the seabed, where they are safe from damage caused by anchors or fishing gear and to reduce their exposure to the marine environment. They can also be laying on sea bed but covered by silt. In both cases, these conditions do not permit the survey of these cables by traditional TV cameras or even imaging


Application for Maritime sector

  • Subsea - Immerged Structures (Hydrolic dams, Wind farms, Fish farms, turbines)

Range of solutions in the inspection activity

  • Inspection and control of the windfarm underwater structures
  • Inspection and control of the windfarm connection cable network

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