Dedicated to observation and inspection missions, the ECA Group’s H300V ROV was designed to enhance the speed performance and all-directions operating quality of the H300 MK2 vehicle. Indeed, the 4 thrusters have been vectored, which secures an increased velocity and an eco-friendly control for the operator.

It is the best compromise for a high-performance ROV; it has the same properties as the H800 but it is specialized for shallow waters at a maximum of 300 meters depth.

Powerful while man-portable and easy to deploy, this ROV is suitable and conditioned to work in harsh environments.

The H300V is modular, with 8 kg payload, which brings the user to customize it the way he wants.

A wide range of additional equipment such as cameras, sonars and manipulator arms can also be implemented.

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Applications for the Maritime and for the Defense & Security sectors:

  • Subsea observation, inspection and surveillance.
  • Pipe and cable survey.
  • Object recovery.
  • Wreck inspection.
  • Seabed survey.
  • Cable and pipe tracking.
  • Search and rescue

Applications for Energy & Industry sector:

  • TV inspection of water inlet & outlet for industrial networks
  • Dam control & inspection
  • Offshore windfarm inspection and monitoring
  • Fish farms inspection and monitoring
  • Inspection of nuclear fuel storage and reactor pools
  • Inspection for assistance to decontamination / decommissioning operations
  • CBRN measurement (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear)


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