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The IMSI-Catcher signal intelligence module for UAV IT180 mini-drone is a mean of surveillance to perform electronic intelligence missions, such as detection and identification of communication systems. This solution enables to collect additional detailed electronic and visual information with a high-definition camera.


  • 10 km range for reconnaissance mission
  • Up to 2 hours all-weather endurance
  • Single operator & quick deployment
  • Advanced airborne IMSI-catching solution with target identification & localization
  • Wide area coverage with up to 36 continuous optical zoom (fov<2°) eo sensor coupled with simulated GSM/UMTS/LTE base-stations by SDR

This unique solution can perform visual and signal intelligence over a large area

In order to:

  • Perform convoy scouting
  • Search for potential threats before entering a zone 
  • Detect, localize and provide visual confirmation of wanted targets
  • Help for Search and Rescue missions

Easy and quick deployment of the system on field

  • Upon request the UAV IT180 can be deployed on the fi eld in less than 8 minutes
  • Its patented structure gives up to 120 minutes unparalleled endurance with up to 5kg payload
  • Whatever the weather (up to 20m/s wind gusts, from -20°C to 45°C) the system will achieve its mission thanks to its unique counter rotating structure
  • Flight plans can be prepared (and tested) in advance by using the unique UAV IT180 mission
  • simulator

Signal and image intelligence performed by premium high end solutions embedded on the it180

  • The IMSI grabbing allows to identify nearby cellular devices and extract cellular identities.
  • Targeted networks (2G, 3G, 4G) and cellular devices detection range depend on the IMSI catcher selection
  • Wide ranges of solutions are available thanks to the unique UAV IT180 loading capacity
  • Human target visual detection up to 1500 m thanks to the powerful optical zoom (X36) associated with the SD or HD sensor (gyrostabilized) and optional onboard recording

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