The ECA Group UAV IT180-60 is a mini long endurance electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that can carry multiple payloads and perform a wide range of missions, both for civilian and military needs. Thanks to its electrical engine and low radar cross section, the UAV IT180-60 has optimal capacities for covert operations, such as ISTAR, and prevents noise pollution.


Applications for Defence & Security Sector

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (Sea / Land) : Harbour surveillance, coastal surveillance
  • Law Enforcement (Sea / Land) : Coast guard, customs, police
  • Special Forces Aerial Intelligence for fire fighting
  • Search & Rescue operations (for Naval Forces)
  • Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance for Naval forces
  • Surveillance & Protection: Harbour surveillance, harbour response, coastal surveillance and coastal reponse

Applications for Aerospace Sector

  • Airborne monitoring & survey: Tactical reconnaissance for Defence
  • Airborne monitoring & survey: Critical infrastructure Protection & Law Enforcement for Homeland Security
  • Airborne monitoring & survey: Site protection for Civil

Applications for Energy & Industry Sector

  • Aerial surveillance for Site protection
  • Aerial surveillance & Nuclear detection for Nuclear plants

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