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2018 | 14 April

DEFEXPO 2018 | 11 - 14 April | ECA Group showcases Robotic, Ship Equipment & Training Simulation sys

Tuesday, February 27 2018
Meet ECA Group at DEFEXPO on its booth on the French Pavilion from 11 - 14 April 2018 in Thiruvidanthai, India. Come and learn more about ECA Group's robotics & integrated systems, training simulation and ship equipment solutions.

Join ECA Group experts at DEFEXPO, French Pavilion

ECA Group will be pleased to welcome you on its booth on the French Pavilion from 11 - 14 April 2018 in Thiruvidanthai - Chennai to present you its range of unmanned robotic solutions at sea, on land and in the air for applications in the sector of Defence & Security. Come and discover ECA Group's Robotics & Integrated SystemsTraining Simulation and Ship Equipment & Protection solutions.

Meet ECA Group at DEFEXPO 2018

ECA Group solutions to be presented at DEFEXPO 2018

R&D is at the heart of ECA Group investments in order to develop innovative systems of drones optimized to perform missions in harsh or restrictive environments.

During you visit, ECA Group teams will introduce you to its wide range of solutions for: 

Robotics & Integrated Systems

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)

With ECA Group’s range of unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) missions can be caried out even in the most confined areas. ECA Group's UGVs are used for both military and civilian applications, such as IEDD/EOD, demining and trap removal operations. ECA Group's combat proven land robotic systems are quick to deploy and easy to use. These unmanned ground vehicles are increasingly deployed by civil security forces to cope with multifaceted threats.

ECA Group has designed and produced two types of mobile and resistant medium size UGV solutions for EOD/IEDD intervention in any demanding, confined or hard to reach environment: Cameleon E & Iguana E. These robots meet all needs and expectations of the civil security forces and military forces and can be equipped with different payloads like manipulator arm, X-RAY systems, disruptors, laser, etc.

ECA Group also provides cutting edge Mini UGVs for EOD and IEDD such as the COBRA MK2 E. Its modular architecture can be combined with different sets of payload from detection to neutralisation and various water disruptors.

Thanks to its very light weight the Cobra MK2 E can be deployed using the IT180 UAV  in UGV-UAV collaborative scenario.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

ECA Group has a long expertise in the design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Its aerial drone range of solution allos to carry out intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and recognition (ISTAR) or electronic intelligence missions (IMSI). ECA Group UAVs can also support OED / IIED operationsby prodiving operators with radio relay or real-time view of the intervention, as part of a collaborative scenario with UGVs 

The range of IT180 UAV solutions can be used whether in autonomous and or tethered mode for permanent missions. ECA Group UAV solutions are combat-proven and are already in service in armies worlwide, including the French Army. 

Naval Robotic solutions (AUVs / USVs / ROVs)

ECA Group is engaging strond R&D effort to design the naval  drones of the futur. Its innovative unmanned solutions are optimized to successfully carry out missions at sea.

Its range of autonomous and remotely operated vehicles robotic solutions, as well as its fully integrated Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Integrated System UMIS suite, will be showcased during DEFEXPO 2018: 

ECA Group' systems are able to inter-communicate and work together in order to reduce human exposure to threats. Thus, ECA Group developed an Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Integrated System - UMIS, which is a fully automous system combining several unmanned naval robots (AUV / ROV / EMDS) deployed automatically from an USV by a LARS system. UMIS can perform various type of missions, but its capabilities have been successfully demonstrated particularly for the following operations:

  • Coastal and port infrastructures protectionUMIS for Security developed by ECA Group is composed of a fleet of different surface and underwater drones embedded with sensors to detect, prevent or for response in order to fight against terrorism, malicious or activism acts.


  • Underwater Mine warfare:  UMIS enables to launche AUVs and ROVs from an USV while crews remain at a stand-off distance: SEASCAN MK2 ROV proceeds to Mine identification and the K-STER C mine disposal system proceeds to neutralization. The system can be used collaboratively with the embedded Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) of ECA Group's  A9-M AUV or A18-M AUV, to reduce the duration of  the MCM Missions.

Discover ECA Group solutions for Underwater Mine Warfare

Training Simulation

Naval forces training

ECA Group is also active in the development of Training Simulation solutions for Naval forces. Its innovative training systems ranges from Mine Warfare Data Management training, to navigation but also inlude mission-oriented tactical training such as warship (Surface Ship) and Submarine Tactical simulation, ECA Group solutions enable different configurations: from single system for individual training to team trainers or even to more complex simulation scenario using multi-platform simulators.


Ship Equipment & Protection

ECA Group designs and supplies systems & Equipment for Submarines and Surface Ships. These range from platform management, to command & control systems as well as propulsion energy systems.


With the new multifaceted threats in the underwater mine warfare activities, magnetic and acoustic signatures expose naval forces to the risk of being detected, classified and localized. ECA Group have thus developed systems dedicated to reduce the accoustic and magnetic signatures of vessels and submarines. ECA Group offers modular ranging systems, meeting MCM and ASW requirements, from magnetic signature reduction systems to multi-influence ranges solutions.


Meet ECA Group team at DEFEXPO 2018

Visit ECA Group, have a talk with its experts. ECA Group teams are looking forward to meeting you !

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Interview of Jay SHIM, Senior Regional Sales Manager - ECA Group

Meet him at Defexpo 2018 - Chennai


You will be attending the DEFEXPO  11 to 14 April, India. What are your current events and perspectives on this country?

“India is one of the fastest growing market with very high potentials in every aspect. India is globally among top 5 countries in terms of Defense budget but already one of the top importer of Defense and Security products and solutions and this momentum will not slow down in the near future as India is facing various conflicts in different regions. Demand for high tech defense and security systems are ever so high we foresee this trend will continue. 

As ECA Group covers all three theaters of operation (underwater / surface, land and air), we have successfully supplied our solutions and are continuously working on projects for Naval Simulators, Underwater Mine Countermeasure Integrated Solutions (AUVROVUSV, EMDS, etc), Submarines  and Surface vessel equipmentAcoustic and magnetic signature ranging Solutions, UGV (Unmanned Ground Robots) and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

We look forward to not only meet the potential end users and customers but also to find strong local partners to meet the requirement 'Make In India' Policy.”

What types of products and services will you showcase during the show?

“ECA Group will be showcasing and boasting all of our major Products and Solutions which covers all platforms.

This year, in the Naval domain, we will be presenting our solutions for Mine Warfare. The novelty is the ECA Group Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Integrated System UMIS dedicated to Mine Countermeasures, is able to integrate different robotic systems (AUVs and USVs) which benefit from common interfaces, command and control system, communication network as well as data processing system. Easy to deploy, modular and user friendly, ECA Group’s UMIS optimizes operations at sea.

On display will be also ECA Group’s comprehensive naval robotics range of unmanned and remotely operated systems: AUVs, ROVs and USVs.

As a specialist of Ship Equipment & Protection systems, ECA Group will be also presenting its Degaussing, Deperming, Energy Converters and Steering Consoles as well as other logistics or supports for ships and submarines.

In the field of Training Simulation , ECA Group will present its range of naval simulators. Also, our expert will be available to present ECA Group’s skills in special forces equipment.

For air-land applications, ECA Group will be presenting its  IT180 UAV  in tethered mode as well as its UGV range of products for OED / IIED missions: COBRA MK2 E mini UGV, and medium size UGV Cameleon E and the new generation land robot Iguana E which will join French army units very soon. ECA Group UGV solutions are combat-proven and already integrated within French and several other countries’ Armies and Police forces.”

You exhibit on the French Pavilion. What benefits do you expect from this participation?

“Defexpo is an excellent show gathering world’s Defence & Security stakeholders. This exhibition enables us not only to meet our clients and partners and to showcase our latest technical solutions and developments but also to identify future potential projects and partners.

As French Pavilion, we hope to share information and ideas together. Lastly, thanks to GICAN for making it all possible to have the honor to represent French industrials together.”


Meet ECA Group at DEFEXPO 2018 | 11 - 14 April | ECA Group showcases Robotic, Ship Equipment & Training Simulation sys

Visit ECA Group, have a talk with its experts. ECA Group teams are looking forward to meeting you !

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